In this Sunken Place  we are using the internet to explore the inertia of user interface and media consumption - we are looking at it in this case as a result of the algorithmically selected information provided to us through social media. With the rate that information is distributed and consumed online in one day, we are often numbed to content, confused by our place and space to process the information and activate action or reaction. How can we activate our awareness and how can we activate our aesthetics as artists?  In this project we are exploring the effects of fast-paced hashtag culture, where real experiences are shrunken to minimal amount of characters.  We only receive a pin-hole view of important experiences - many of them we can afford to ignore.

Over the course of the residency we will collect information each day by researching the top recommended Twitter/Facebook hashtags and create editorial GIF loops guided by a collection of information gathered from the assigned hashtag. The GIFs will be followed by a live stream on the last day of the residency.










Human Flow is a film directed by Ai Weiwei and shown on 4th Dec in over 150 cinemas around Britain with a live Q & A broadcast from the Milton Court Concert Hall, London. Questions were tweeted by the public and answered live by the panel







DAY 3